Autism Works LaunchPad

Autism Works LaunchPad is designed to create experiences that empower participants to advance their careers while growing personally and professionally. The objective is to help participants launch their careers by embracing hands-on learning, connecting with employers and providing individualized support.

How The Pearl & LaunchPad work together

The Pearl functions as a skills development platform for LaunchPad. Participants learn how to manage a working float, prepare designs, count inventory and are part of The Pearl sales team. Their practice of customer service experience takes place in the classroom, pop up booths and the Seaport Market, and online orders from our website.

LaunchPad is a comprehensive program that teaches the skills needed to enter the workforce. While we support our participants through real-life work experience and classroom lessons, our Regional Autism Coordinator creates connections with employers to develop jobs. The LaunchPad program works in partnership with Ready, Willing & Able (RWA), putting each participant into the Job Seekers Database. 




“LaunchPad has been an amazing experience that helped my career. During my time there, we learned a lot about professionalism and how it helps in the work place. When got my first job, I knew that LaunchPad was best choice I could have ever made.”

From a customer:

"These products are truly made with love. ♥ I got three pieces, the March Birthday Bracelet, a Custom Order, and The Tree of Life Necklace. I love them so much and I get compliments on them wherever I go!! I feel so stylish and it was a great cause to support. Happy to wear and show off my jewelry every day!"

From a student & Volunteer:

“I think The Pearl is the perfect way to form and maintain healthy connections between the public and those with autism. It provides exposure, knowledge and information to the broader public and provides an outlet for those living with the spectrum to express them selves and illustrate their talents. It is a learning tool for the public and for the individuals themselves. The public may learn new things about Autism and/or have their misconceptions corrected. For people on the spectrum, it helps illustrate to them their limitless capabilities and that their talents do not go unnoticed.”

From a customer:

“I received my package today and wanted to express how pleased I am with every item. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Autism is very close to my heart and I was not aware of The Pearl until a friend had displayed a necklace she had received as a gift and had also included your website. Your Thank You card with the personal note topped it all off for me – absolutely touching!! Looking forward to buying many more items from The Pearl Team. Thank You.“ – Charlotte